PBS Kids Go, Postcards From Buster, Vamos Buster

We are so psyched to see Buster in his action packed Chile adventure, and now the fun can continue at home with the “Vamos Buster” activity sheets. These activities are perfect for teaching our kids about the geographic and the cultural Chile, but also to bridge the distance by emphasizing the similarities they might have with children living in Chile. The fun doesn’t stope there, there are a total of four enriching activities for our kids to complete and continue their learning journey.

And to get a more hands-on taste of Chile, be sure to check out Buster’s Chilean Empanadas recipe which we tried out and share with you here for you to savor while watching “Vamos Buster”!

Click here to download the printable version of the activity sheets from our site and here to download ¡Vamos, Buster! or any of the other country-specific activities.


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