Familia, traditions, culture and education can all be found in this little

Alphabet Picture Book/Bilingual Alphabet Picture Book

As a familia, we made this picture book for my son when he was three.  He LOVES this book.  Two years later, he still sits down and looks through this book but now being able to recite the alphabet as he flips the pages! It totally makes my day when I see him flipping through it.

Keep it simple, is my advice to you when making this.

I had tons of ideas flowing through my head when I started on this project.  I don’t scrapbook, but in my head I was thinking this will be my great debut to scrapbooking.  After much thought I decided to keep it simple, my husband and son helped me make it.  It’s definitely not going to win any major scrapbooking awards, but my son knows we All worked hard on it and made it with mucho amor.



Clear Contact Paper or take it to get laminated




book rings

15 scrapbook paper sheets/construction paper

pictures lots of them


Step-by-Step Instructions

1. Look over your pictures and come up with a list people, objects, etc…  that will work for each letter in the alphabet. Get silly and creative. For example, for the letter E we used this silly picture below and said E is for Ewwww.  He loved it!  If you´re doing a bilingual book use A for Abuelita, B for Burro…..

2. Cut 15 sheets of paper the same size. These will be your ABC pages and front and back cover.

3. Start cutting out pictures and glue them on.

4. Use your stickers to embellish the pages.  I used alphabet stickers for each page.

5. Laminate each page with clear contact paper.

6. Hole punch your pages and add book rings.

This is a great gift idea for grandchildren for all those crafty abuelita’s or even for a babyshower gift!

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