SpanglishBaby: Reyes Magos felt board finger puppets

Ana’s note: The holidays are still going strong in our households as we await la llegada de los Reyes Magos! Last week we brought you a recipe for a yummy Rosca de Reyes and today we asked Ruby to share with us another cute Reyes Magos craft since the one she did for us last year was such a hit! She went to Walmart for all her supplies to create with her two kids this super cute, simple and affordable Reyes Magos Felt Board Finger Puppets. 

To create your own you will need:

SpanglishBaby: Reyes Magos felt board finger puppets

1-Tacky Glue

2-Felt in at least 8 colors*

3-Template- download below

4-Markers that will stay on felt; usually all permanent markers work


6-A frame(We got ours at Walmart for less than $5)

7- One or two felt pieces measuring the width of your frame for felt board background*

* We purchased a 12pk of multi-colored felt at Walmart for less than $3

SpanglishBaby: Reyes Magos felt board finger puppets

Let’s get started!

SpanglishBaby: Reyes Magos felt board finger puppets

1-Download, print and cut out the pieces to your template

2-Start with the body. You will need 6 pieces 2 for each king. Use 3 different felt colors one for each king.

3-Add glue to one part of the body only around the edge but not on the bottom leaving room to insert finger once dried.

4-Cut the face out using a skin colored felt. Glue face and add a face using your markers. Repeat two more times.

5-Cut a beard using the template and adhere around the face of your king. Repeat 2 more times.

6-Add a hair piece to 2 kings. 1 king will need a different colored hair piece that will become a turbin for his crown. Do the same for the crowns and adhere.

Wait for them to dry and Done!

Felt Board Frame:

We can’t take credit for this awesome idea we found on pinterest. Using an 8×10 frame from Walmart we used felt to create a scenery. We placed the felt pieces then the glass and the backing of the frame. It makes the perfect Felt Board !

Use your Reyes Mago Felt Board Finger Puppets to tell the story of the Tres Reyes Magos. Kids will be sure to enjoy this Reyes Magos craft!

Find more Día de los Reyes Magos inspiration on our Pinterest board!
SpanglishBaby: Reyes Magos felt board finger puppets

Disclosure: We are thankful to Walmart for their sponsorship of SpanglishBaby.

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