The Pumpkin Moon Empanadas by Clementina Llanes

If you’re looking for a great bilingual book that will entertain your niños from beginning to end look no further than The Pumpkin Moon Empanadas. Like the name  suggests, The Pumpkin Moon Empanadas by Clementina Llanes is a magical story about a little girl name Paloma and her curiosity about the orange tinted moon she saw on an autumn night walk with her papá. Such was her curiosity that her papá promised to one day bring her the moon. This magical story of how Paloma’s papá brought her the moon centers around the love a parent has for their niños, and how we would do just about anything for them!

The story is told mainly in English and lots of Spanish phrases and vocabulary are sprinkled in throughout. It is a great way to introduce kids to the Spanish language, and for those that are already bilingual they will surely appreciate the way that the characters effortlessly switch between English and Spanish. For every Spanish word that comes up in the story there is the English translation in parenthesis as well, and the book also includes a glossary of all the words and phrases in Spanish. The cherry on top of this great story are the pumpkin empanadas! The book includes a recipe for the empanadas, which you will surely crave after reading the story. This offers another great opportunity to introduce more Spanish vocabulary and fun!

It’s no surprise that this wonderful story comes from Clementina Llanes, who is also the author of A Little Cup Of Mexican Hot Chocolate blog. Her love for cooking and culture shines through in this story for our niños.

You can purchase this book via Amazon for $7.99 

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