Multilingual Christmas app: Pango en Navidad --

You might remember Pango, the adorable blue raccoon, from our previous review of Pango Imaginary Car. Developer Studio Pango has just released a cute seasonal app which is, best of all, multilingual. Pango Christmas 2013 is a fun way to keep kids excited about the upcoming holiday.

In this app, Pango is getting ready for Christmas with his animal friends. They are setting up the wreath, building a snowman, and staying warm by the fire while they participate in other traditional preparations.

Multilingual Christmas app: Pango en Navidad --

Each interactive page has some fun surprises and funny new characters. It’s highly entertaining for preschoolers and offers an opportunity for Spanish reading practice for the slightly older kids.

Multilingual Christmas app: Pango en Navidad --

Note: Just change your device language to Spanish (or any of the other 7 languages compatible with Pango apps) and the app language will change.

Find Pango Christmas 2013 in iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon App Store

Available for iPhone, iPad, and Android

Recommended for ages 3 and up

Price: $2.99 – $3.66

Check out more from Studio Pango on their website.

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