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As a mother of two and a Kindergarten teacher, I often wonder about the imagination of children and if it is being fostered enough. We live in the era of electronics and I’m not sure our children are being given the opportunity to use their imagination the way we were when we were young. With television, video games, and educational apps, our kids don’t have to construct castles, monsters, or mountains in their minds as it’s right there on a screen in front of them. For this reason, it’s important for children to read! Books do what no other object can do – books can take you to that far away place and allow you to view worlds from your lens, the eye of a reader.

El Viaje de Magélica is an example of an exemplary read with a plot full of opportunity for the imagination to fly. Without giving too much away, this beautiful tale allows little girls and boys to fly away and imagine Magélica and all that they would want her to be in their minds. She is a character that comes with so much magic and inspiration, it’s truly special. This book can be read by little boys and girls who dare to allow their imagination to run wild with adventure. Magélica is a little girl who has no answers about where she came from but accepts the challenge of discovery, adventure, and imagination all through being grateful for it all.

The message behind this tale is that we all have the choice to allow a touch of magic into our lives. In order for us to believe, we have to allow our imagination to take flight and discover all that life has to offer. It amazes me when children read a story that really touches their core and allows their imagination to capture a moment in a book like this with so much imagery and power. Children broaden their minds by reading and truly believe in the words they read in quality books like this. This books allows you, the reader, to discover so much and to really look deep inside yourself, love yourself, and accept yourself for all that you are and all that you might become. Once you believe, you hold the key to your own happiness.

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