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Eileen is a New York City Public School teacher in Brooklyn by day and a freelance writer, Community Manager to Mamiverse, wife, and mother of two boys by night. A contributor for Latina Bloggers Connect and heavily involved in social media. Eileen is the founder of mommyteaches.com, where she shares her love of blogging about her pride in teaching, parenting, and the blessings and trials that life have to offer. A circle of Moms Top 25 Teacher Mom, nominated for Best Latin@ Education Blogger, Hispano Blogger Award and The Socia Revolucion SXSWi 2013 award. She graduated from NYU with honors with a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education. A children’s book collector from a young age, Eileen loves cooking all types of food, reading and being arts & crafty with her boys. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY from a Puerto Rican mother and an American father. Eileen is married to her high school sweetheart for 10 years.


Twitter: @EileenCCampos

Spanish Book Review: El Viaje de Magélica {Giveaway}

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As a mother of two and a Kindergarten teacher, I often wonder about the imagination of children and if it is being fostered enough. We live in the era of electronics and I’m not sure our children are being given the opportunity to use their imagination the way we were when we were young. With television, video games, and educational apps, our kids don’t have to construct castles, monsters, or mountains in their minds as it’s right there on aRead More ...

Ingenio: 3D Alphabet Magic Magnets & 3D Magic Magnet Numbers {Giveaway}

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As a teacher, I found these 3D Magnetic alphabet and number cards very appealing. They are very sturdy and durable and feature bright, fun colors (great for kid-appeal!). I love the way they identify the number as well as provide the number-to-object correspondence. When the child moves the card, he can identify the quantity that corresponds with the number on the card. As a parent, I knew my child would find these magnetic cards fun because of the colorful illustrationsRead More ...

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