3D Magic Magnets

As a teacher, I found these 3D Magnetic alphabet and number cards very appealing. They are very sturdy and durable and feature bright, fun colors (great for kid-appeal!). I love the way they identify the number as well as provide the number-to-object correspondence. When the child moves the card, he can identify the quantity that corresponds with the number on the card. As a parent, I knew my child would find these magnetic cards fun because of the colorful illustrations and the promise of interaction. When he’s engaged with them, I know that he is having fun and learning all in one and I often catch him going over to our magnetized cabinet where we keep them and he sits there to play. I hear him reciting the alphabet and identifying the objects on the card as well as identifying the numbers! This enables him to expand his vocabulary and identify the numbers in isolation as well and I couldn’t be more proud of my preschooler for working so hard with them.

As a bilingual parent I was delighted that the cards arrived with a Spanish guide so we could continue to reinforce the spanish language in our household. This serves as a wonderful addition to place beside the cards so the children can see the numbers while I can verbally recite the numbers and letters to them in our second language. Encouraging him to repeat the numbers in Spanish is a great way to introduce another language to those parents who want their children to become familiar with or even master a second language.

The magnetic alphabet cards included the same guide with English, French, and Spanish names for the animals on the cards. It was great to hear my son recite the names of the animals and use correct pronunciation in English and Spanish. I couldn’t have been more pleased with the products themselves and how my kids chose to use them both together and independently.

As I think about the different learning styles of children, I know that this works best for visual and tactile learners like my boys. They love to touch and see visuals of certain concepts so these magnets are a perfect fit in our household. These magnetic cards are an ideal extension and tool for reinforcement for what my preschooler is now learning in school. I encourage all parents to have a set of these cards in their home. With the new Common Core State Standards in place, we want our children to receive a strong foundation for early learning and these can be a great asset to get there!

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