Ingenio Slide & Discover review

These recent discoveries receive triple points from me. Number one, both the Slide & Discover and Math-o-Matic can be used in English and Spanish. They are also both appropriate for a variety of ages (perfect for my sixteen month-old, almost three year-old and six year-old)! Finally, as a mother who believes children can and should learn through play, both of these products are super educational.

Slide & Discover is full of vocabulary for Spanish speaking,  English speaking, or bilingual children.  A great educational toy if the child is learning a second language.The thematic cards are stored in the back of the carrier and one can slip in a bright and colorful choice through the front. My younger children are working on colors, numbers and animals. The cards feature ten pairs of vocabulary words and my oldest is practicing Spanish vocabulary for seasons, objects in the classroom and marine animals. With about 150 words to discover, children also benefit from picture-word association and fine motor skills. My little ones love to slide to discover something new!

Ingenio: Math-o-Matic review

Ingenio: Math-o-Matic review

All my children love language and reading but my oldest is already practicing basic math skills while my middle child is fascinated by puzzles. Math-o-Matic is designed with two learning levels in mind: Stage 1 helps children learn numbers and their spelling in English and Spanish and Stage 2 allows children to play by self-checking their math game using numbers and symbols. This product truly grows with your child. Even the baby benefits from the sturdy and colorful number pieces we point and count aloud for him!

Both the Slide & Discover and Math-o-Matic are ideal for homes with multiple-aged children and those who are working at developing or strengthening a second language. Early-childhood education and bilingualism is important in our home and I appreciate products designed with all of these factors.

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