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Pango Imaginary Car is a cool new app from developer Studio Pango. There are no words or complicated instructions. It’s a grid with empty spaces and eight categories of vehicle parts. Drag the pieces, which include everything from wheels and ladders to a computer and wings, to create the crazy vehicle of your imagination. You can start from scratch and piece together the wacky items of your choice, or start with a preset grid that shows you where to place the pieces to make whatever kind of vehicle you prefer.


Although there is no narration, the instructions and parent settings can be switched to Spanish (or any one of 6 other languages) by switching your device’s language to Spanish.

This app is simple and affordable, and a great way for kids to pass time during the summer. Check out my son’s creation:


Find Pango Imaginary Car in iTunes and Google Play

Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, and Android

Recommended for ages 2-5

Price: $1.99

Check out more from Studio Pango, including interactive stories and puzzles, on their website.

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