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marvel super hero game online

This week the popular online children’s game Marvel Super Hero Squad Online became available to Spanish and Portuguese speaking kids around the world.

From the press release:

“Created by Gazillion Entertainment, a leading developer and publisher of premium browser-based games, Marvel Super Hero Squad Online allows children to play as their favorite Marvel heroes, interact with other players, explore some of their favorite locations in the Marvel Universe like Asgard and Baxter Plaza while also pitting their super powers against Doctor Doom and the Lethal Legion.

Every child, no matter the language they speak, has dreamed of being a Super Hero, fighting for good and saving the day; Marvel Super Hero Squad Online allows them that opportunity,” said John Needham, CEO of Gazillion Entertainment. “The Spanish and Portuguese audiences represent an important market and we are excited to share Marvel Super Hero Squad Online with this new set of players.”

Because my boys are a little old for this game I had to check it out myself. Here are some things I thought would be helpful for others to know before signing up:

• During sign-up, the website will suggest a name for your super hero persona; if you don’t like the name, simply click for a different one as many times as you want until you’re satisfied.

• The player agrees to respect others and follow the rules at sign-up which include no inappropriate language or sharing of personal information, etc. (And if you worry about this, there is a setting controlled by the parents that prevents your child from chatting freely during game play.) Actually, one of my favorite things about the game were the pre-loaded chat phrases the child can choose from to communicate with other players.


• There is a small download that allows one to play the game online. I downloaded without problems and there were no unwanted extra programs attached to the download.

• While some may think this is a game geared towards boys, know that there are many male and female superhero figures to choose from, making it great for both boys and girls.


• A brief interactive tutorial teaches kids about the game and how to move about in it.

• Game play involves going around as a super hero, saving the day and collecting coins which you can use for various things such as getting more heroes for your squad. There is an option for parents to buy coins for their child (with real money) and to be a paid member, but the game is free to play and coins are easily earned through regular game play.

Ready to become a member of the Squad in Marvel Super Hero Squad Online? Visit

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