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Mars needs moms activities

Click on link at the end of post to download this coloring sheet

Mars Needs Moms is Disney´s celebration of motherhood and an entertaining way to let kids know that we nag discipline them for a reason.

This thrilling martian adventure begins when nine-year-old Milo gets angry at his mom for making him eat his broccoli and wishes she would disappear. His wish comes true when his mom is abducted by martians in their quest to populate Mars with moms.  Milo realized what happened fast enough to make it into the spaceship and begin his quest to rescue his mom.

Children will definitely enjoy the martian vibe and moms will glow with the recognition.

Mars Needs Moms launches in theatres on March 11th, but as a special SpanglishBaby reader you have the opportunity to catch an advanced screening this Saturday, March 5 at 10 am.  If you live in any of the 12 cities listed below and you are one of the first two people to register for that city, you will automatically win four passes to take your family to this special screening.

We´ve also got a coloring and an activity sheet to get your kids on the Mars Needs Moms mood.

Click here to download the Mars Needs Moms activities

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