Hola Hello by Mariana Iranzi

My bilingual 19 month-old daughter has two new favorite words. She went from only saying “Hi” to “Hola Hello” after listening to Mariana Iranzi’s new album. “Hola Hello” is the album’s title and the name of its catchy single. I loved it because it is not only bilingual but also multicultural. Her songs, besides being in Spanish and English, also touch cultural aspects such as Latin American rhymes like “Los Pollitos,” and English classics that she has made her own like “Five Little Monkeys.”

The fact that the album is bilingual was what caught my attention first, but after listening to every song I was moving my tail and can attest that it’s more than just a source for parents raising bilingual children — it is a fiesta for all! Play this CD and Mariana will have everyone in the family dancing thanks to the wide variety of musical styles and instruments played. The lyrics are very cheerful, which is great for the little ones. On the other hand, the contemporary style and the rock, reggae and Latin-flavored tunes make this album appealing to older ones as well. Some soothing songs are also included which will be perfect for the nursery and nap time.

There is a lot of room for entertainment and learning with this 13-song CD. The song “Veo Veo” teaches the different animal names and sounds, “Arco Iris” aims to teach the colors of the rainbow and “La Semana” the days of the week. Mariana is an Argentinian professional musician, singer and composer with a focus on child education, which makes this a well thought-out resource for fun and learning.

Mariana shared with us the newest music video she just released for the song “Arco Iris.”

Grab a copy of “Hola Hello” by downloading her album ($9.99) or purchasing the CD ($15) at CDBaby.  You can also find her on Facebook and YouTube.

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