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 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks Animations - The Croods

We were invited by 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks Animation to a very special screening and behind-the-scenes look of the 3D animated family flick, The Croods. We were so thrilled that this film has a character that can appeal to everyone in the family, as well as a very rich and relatable story. The Croods is not just a series of funny moments for our kids and us, it’s not just about an anxious teenager, and it’s not just about the parents that try to keep them all together — it’s about a whole family and how they deal with change, fear, and how love binds them together…even back in prehistoric times!

20th Century Fox and Dreamworks Animations - The Croods , Eep

With The Croods, Dreamworks takes us into the world of a caveman family that is trying to adapt to their rapidly changing world, not very different from life in the 21st century, if you think about it. Of course, this doesn’t come without setbacks and tons of family drama. Grug (voiced by Nicolas Cage)  is the father and protector of the family who is terrified of anything new and works hard to keep his family safe in a cave. He labels what is unfamiliar as dangerous. However, his daughter, Eep (voiced by Emma Stone), is anxious to explore the world and try new things, often putting them at odds. Then Eep meets Guy (voiced by Ryan Reynolds), a stranger she encounters when she leaves the cave without permission. Guy shows the family new things and inventions, such as fire,  and the family is fascinated by him — all except Grug who starts to feel left out.

20th Century Fox and Dreamworks Animations - The Croods

When SpanglishBaby visited the Dreamworks Animation campus, Steve Macleod — a storyboard artist for the studio —  and directors Chris Sanders and Kirk DeMicco showed us how the story of The Croods was brought to life. Macleod showed us rough sketches of a scene as he told us about the process to bring it to animated form. Even without the glitz and glam that you will find in the final version of this movie, the story shined trough, proving to us that at its core The Croods is about great storytelling.

In the scene Macleod showed us, the Croods family sat  around a fire over which they had roasted a giant prehistoric turkey. They all dived into their meal, devouring as much as they could. Watching them all was Guy. Guy politely ate his share of the food an waited as the Croods fought each other for the last morsel. The only one who seemed embarrassed was Eep. When they are all finished they gathered around for one of Grug’s stories which have become a special family tradition. Grug’s cautionary tales always follow the same plot line; anyone who tries something new ends up dying. But then Guy decides to take a shot at storytelling and he comes up with a different ending. Guy’s story was filled with wonder and hope for a better tomorrow. Everyone was enthralled. Of course, all except Grug.

20th Century Fox and Dreamworks Animations - The Croods

It was that small moment that set of a chain of events for the Crood family. But don’t worry, the Croods isn’t just about serious life-changing decisions; there are plenty of laughs along the way that make the first “modern family” a joy to watch. Paired with the stunning imagery of a prehistoric world designed by the imagination of the Dreamworks Animation team,  The Croods is a film that will surely captivate many with laughter and great storytelling.

The Croods hits theaters March 22nd. Check out the trailer with your niños below.

{Event photos by Eric Charbonneau, all other images courtesy of 20th Century Fox and Dreamworks Animation}

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