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Easy spring craft: tissue paper basket -

Making this craft got me so excited for Spring, that’s right around the corner.  Las flores, el sol, outdoor grilling…. isn’t Spring wonderful! I have a little one at home who keeps me company all day and one of our favorite activities to do is crafting.

We try to keep away from hard and long activities with my toddler so this one should be a winner since it’s not just easy and quick but it’s also cute! I am a sucker for cute crafts.

I played around with the tissue paper size and shape some because I was trying to figure out what’s the best way a little one can just glue them on.  What you will need is 3 square pieces of tissue paper in whatever color you wish, small disposable cup and a pipe cleaner.  Follow below and I will show you the steps.

Easy spring craft: tissue paper basket -


  • 3 Tissue paper squares
  • pipe cleaner
  • disposable cup
  • glue


1. Notice in picture above I folded my squares in four and cut around the black lines to create a semi-circle.
Easy spring craft: tissue paper basket -

2. Grab your cup and put glue over the cup.

3. Then place your first tissue paper circle over it.

4. Then gently press the tissue paper down over the cup with glue to cover the whole cup.

5. For the 2nd and 3rd pieces of tissue paper circles you will only place glue on the bottom half so you can start creating your flower petals.

6. Then on one corner using a toothpick gently pierce it so you can run your pipe cleaner through for the basket handle.

If you have more time you can use coffee filters and dip them in food coloring to create the colored petals. Let it dry and then follow the steps above. 

Easy spring craft: tissue paper basket -

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