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In our home we love to celebrate holidays, friends, family and just life! This year, we decided to have a Valentine´s Crafting Kids Party with my sons and 10 of their friends.

Who doesn’t need fridge magnets! This is a practical and easy gift to give to your child’s teacher for Valentines day (or Día del Amor y la Amistad!)!

Okay Chicas, ready to get your craft on?

You will need:

  • Metallic crafting paint for a glossy look
  • Paint brush
  • Air dry modeling clay
  • heart shaped cookie cutters (various sizes)
  • magnets
  • Stamp block of your choice


1. Roll out your clay flat, just as if you were making cookies.  If you roll it out too thin, it will easily break.

2. Use cookie cutters to make your heart shapes.

3. Press stamp block over heart to create your design.

4. Let dry according to instructions on the modeling clay package.

5. Once it is dry, paint.

6. Attach the magnet to the back.  You will need a thick magnet to hold your hearts.  Otherwise, they will just slide down the fridge.

7. Wrap ribbon around them and package them in these easy to make Valentine’s Day Pillow boxes.

Note: Clay will crack and break if dropped or bent.

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