Moona In The City

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Our friends from the awesome bilingual family band Moona Luna just shared with us the first episode of their brand new web show Moona In The City and we think you’re going to love it:

Hosted by the talented lead singer Sandra V. and a friendly cow called – what else? – Moona, this is a food, travel and adventure show for kids. The idea is that together, Sandra and Moona will explore the diversity, both cultural and culinary, in their hometown of New York City.

“Eager to travel abroad but also hungry for lunch, the two friends realize that instead of getting on a plane they can take the subway to different neighborhoods to try different foods and learn new languages.”

Not only is this well done, but it’s also super cute… not to mention that it obviously features Moona Luna’s super fun and catchy music.

Check out their first episode in which Moona learns about Mexico and tamalesand let us know what you think!

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