Franklin Magnet School International Foreign Language Academy of Glendale

Yes, I am so, so, so nervous about this! As you know, we’re in the process of applying to dual language immersion programs in our area and we’ve got our heart set in our girl being accepted into the Spanish dual immersion program at Franklin Magnet School, aka International Foreign Language Academy of Glendale. Today is the day the public lottery is held and we’ll know if our girl’s name gets drawn to be amongst the 24 or so children to enter this Spanish immersion program this upcoming school year.

I’m glad the lottery is public and I can attend to find out immediately if it’s a yay or a nay. The waiting is killing me because so much is pending for us based on this lottery. Basically, if she doesn’t get placed into this school we’ll most likely move to another district where our 2nd and 3rd choices are. There is another Spanish immersion program in this district, so there´s also that option. I do recognize we’re lucky to even have these choices (and to be renters, at that!), but the thought of everything that comes along with a move is just daunting to even think about right now.

In any case, I really am writing this just to ask all of you to please send positive thoughts our way and make changuitos (fingers crossed) around 10am Pacific time. Seriously, at this point this is all based on luck and we need all your amazing and loving positive bilingual vibes!!!

I’ll send them your way any time you need them as well. :)

Oh, and I promise to let you all know on our Facebook page as soon as I know!

¡Deséennos suerte!


We got in!!!!!! Yes, we are now officially one of the 40-something new kindergarten families in the Spanish immersion program at Franklin Magnet!

Siting in that room waiting to see if our name had made the list was very intense. In the room there were three representatives from each of the three magnet schools in our district. Basically, the computer guy (that´s what they called him!) hit the enter button in our presence to randomize and select the names for each school and each program. Then, the machine spit out sheets of papers with the list and those were handed out to each school´s representatives. We were then given the green light to rush over to the school we had applied to and tell them our child´s name so they could look it up.

Well, I told them my daughter´s last name and she said, “I’m sorry, she didn’t make it, but don’t despair because she can be added to the wait list.”

I began to shake and my heart just fell. Like, seriously fell. My eyes teared up and was about to walk away when Ana Jones, Franklin’s immersion program’s coordinator asked me to repeat the last name again. I did, and I spelled it out. My girl’s last name is Dutch and does not sound at all as it is spelled. They looked again, and there she was!!! Now I seriously teared up with joy!

My head is already spinning (as is Roxana’s) with all the ideas we have to document and share my family’s life from inside the classroom. I plan on being a class volunteer and as involved as possible with this amazing group of parents and teachers. You are officially warned that you will be hearing a lot about our new life as Franklin Magnet school parents!!

Thanks to all of you who helped us with your thoughts and prayers! :)

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