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Bilingual Puppy Piano Fisher Price

Matías and I are back, and this time we were asked by Fisher Price to review their Laugh & Learn Bilingual Puppy’s Piano. I didn’t expect it to be a big hit from the start, but it sure was! The piano even went to bed with him and another day when he saw that I was upset, he even played me a few tunes to cheer me up saying “yo hago música para tí”. How can you resist that?

The age range is very wide, starting from 6 months to 36 month. Matías just turned three, so I didn’t know how he would take to it, but he was super excited when he realized he could “hacer música” all by himself. I only speak to him in Spanish and we live with my mother who also only speaks to him in Spanish.

I started to realize that he thinks it’s “our language” because as soon as we are out, he turns to English. This little piano surprisingly had a big impact on him. When he heard the voice counting in English, then in Spanish he looked at me and said “mami, señora dijo español”. So he clearly understands the difference and noticed that others, besides us do speak the language.

The piano itself is very colorful, vibrant and easy to carry and to use. You can change the settings so that it teaches colors, numbers, animal sounds and greetings.

Fisher Price always has excellent quality toys and this one is no exception. It is priced at $18 which is a bargain, especially given the age range and what it teaches.

The one and only thing I did not like and one of the reasons I had not bought bilingual toys before is the strong non-native accent that these toys tend to have. It bothers me, and I don’t see why there is not a native Spanish speaker that does the voices. Matías repeated back the colors and numbers and he obviously imitates sounds and intonations. I immediately noticed he was saying his numbers with a harsher tone and less fluid accent and that to me is a hindrance. Overall I am happy with the product, but if this is a learning toy to be used not just at home, but at schools and nurseries the accent should be a native one.

Overall, I am very happy to see bilingual toys but I think more consideration should be given to the accent and intonation of the voices.

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