Dora says: ¡Vamos a Bailar!

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My girl’s favorite phrase lately (said in a very dictator-like tone) is “¡A bailar!”  She manages to get us all dancing on cue and on the spot.  So you can imagine her bliss when she opened the huge Fisher Price box to discover her sorpresa:  a brand new Dance With Me Dora!  Her glee turned into euphoria as soon as she pressed the crystal on Dora’s necklace and the first words out of the doll’s mouth were “¡Vamos a bailar!”

What happened next was that Dora magically and interactively led us into an improvised dance party in our kitchen.  We danced to the música que trae por dentro, literally, and tried our best to follow her choreographed dance moves and bilingual leads.  She spins, she walks on her tippy toes, she guides you in Spanish and English, she lifts her arms up to the sky.  My daughter does too.  I did (had) to, as well.  What’s a mom to do?

After the fiesta in the kitchen, we decided to pamper Dora by brushing her hair, putting on her barette and admiring her new dress.  She’s sporting the threads she wears in “Dora Saves the Crystal Kingdom”, her new TV film to be released later this month and the inspiration for this glittering, twirling musical doll.

I would, however, warn you from letting her dance on the table.  My girl’s now decided she likes to watch her dance and caer to the wooden floors.  Not sure how long that can last.

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