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hecho en mexico movie

On Sunday I took my daughter to the movies and was surprised to see a huge movie poster for the documentary “Hecho en México” with a picture of musician Carla Morrison on one side and of the band Kinky on the other – two Mexican artists I listen to all the time.

I immediately went online to find out what this was all about and found this trailer:

Now, I can not wait for November 31st to come around because I feel this film is speaking to me. Even though I was born in El Salvador, I now believe that my soul is from México. The five years I lived there taught me more about myself, my passions and my role in life that any other time in my life. I am definitely “Hech(a) en Mexico” in so many ways – my musical tastes, the culture and the foods that bind me, the connections to the land and its magic. In fact, this is “my Mexico”…the real one.

Last year I was an official México Today ambassador and wrote about the many beauty and wonders in México. Today, I am still an ambassador at heart and need to spread the word about this documentary because I feel it’s the closest one I’ve seen to portray what México is really all about. I even want my daughter to see this with us and her #HechoenMexico papá!!

Learn more about the movie HERE and Like “Hecho en México” on Facebook since they’re sharing lots of fun clips and songs.

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