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Santa Paws 2

I didn’t watch the original Santa Paws movie, but after watching Santa Paws 2: The Santa Pups, all I can say is, puppies.  Puppies that were so insanely cute that to me, the plot was almost irrelevant.  I watched the movie with my sons and it put us right in that (Disney assisted) Christmas mood.  (Spoiler alert: the puppies save Christmas!)

My boys’ favorite part?  They couldn’t stop laughing while watching the dogs bust Mrs. Claus out of jail (the old-fashioned Western movie way, by tying a rope to a truck and to the jailhouse bars and stepping on the gas).  My favorite part?  The fact that Mrs. Claus is played by the awesome Cheryl Ladd.  And also the fact that it includes a good Spanish-language track.  We watched it in Spanish and learned a few new words.  I’m such a sucker for the Spanish-language track.

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