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Bilingual book: The Many Faces of Max

I recently found out about a bilingual publishing company I’d never heard about when I was sent their new children’s books for 2012 and I’m happy to report that I really like what Lectura Books is doing.

Founded back in 2001, Lectura Books’ main goal is parent involvement when it comes to reading. To that end, its most well-known program,The Latino Family Literacy Project, aims to establish a daily reading routine through age-appropriate books that help children (and their parents) develop a strong vocabulary in both English and Spanish. I love that the program promotes parent’s involvement in their children’s education by showing them that even if they don’t speak English, they can still participate by reading to them in their native language, Spanish. But the number one thing I like about their books is that they’re so culturally relevant, which is not always easy to do.

The book I chose to tell you about today is called The Many Faces of Max/Las muchas caras de Max and I picked it because this is the one Vanessa was immediately attracted to when she saw the Lectura Books on my desk. This short and easy-to-read book deals with emotions by explaining some of the ones Max, a cute dog, goes through throughout the day. Vanessa loved it from the get-go because way before she was born, we used to have a black Labrador named Max. Although we ended up giving it away to some good friends of ours because of Vanessa’s asthma about two years ago, Vanessa still remembers him and often asks when he’s going to come back.

Since the books deals with emotions, it was a good way of talking to Vanessa about how it makes us sad when we miss a family member of a pet, which — as many of us know too well — many times become a part of the family too. Everyday I’m more amazed by my daughter’s bilingual reading abilities and I’m happier than ever to own a good amount of bilingual books because they allow her to go flawlessly from one language to the other, which means she gets to practice both in one sitting.

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