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The following games accompany the post Playing Picture Card Games in Spanish. Click the links at the end of the article to download and print these games and a set of summer picture cards.

Use the words on the cards as much as possible as you play. ¡Diviértanse!

playing picture card games in spanish

1. La carrera Set out cards as a race track. Add a salida and a meta (start and finish). Roll dice to move pieces along the track. You can add sin gasolina cards (lose a turn) or a number on the die can be a llanta desinflada (flat tire – move back one space).

2. ¿Qué falta? Player A puts out several cards. Player B studies them and then closes her eyes. Player A takes away one card. Player B looks and says which card is missing. If she is right, she wins the card.

3. Tira el saquito. Place cards on the floor. Toss bean bags to try to hit them. Use phrases like Casi le diste al árbol (You almost hit the tree.)

4. Aquí tenemos. Distribute cards around a room. The first player goes to a card, touches it, and says Aquí tenemos un….and names the card. The next player does the same thing and also adds something new by touching a card and naming it. Each player adds to the chain. You can also play by spreading cards on a table and touching each one as you name it.

5. ¿Qué había? Player A puts out 5-15 cards (adjust for age). Player B studies the cards for one minute and then Player A covers them. Player B tries to remember as many of cards as she can.

6. 20 preguntas. This game is usually played without cards, but a limited number of items makes it more fun for beginners. Set out a lot of cards. Player A chooses a card in her head. Player B asks yes-no questions to guess the card. If she guesses in fewer than 20 questions, she gets a point. If not, Player A gets a point.

7. Una sola palabra. Put out lots of cards. Player A chooses a card in her head and gives a one-word clue. Player B tries to guess the card. If she guesses wrong, Player A gives another one-word clue. To make it more difficult, make the rule that no clue word can be repeated.

8. A oscuras. Hide cards in a dark room. Give each child a flashlight to search for the cards. Do not make it too dark. Say the words as the children find the cards.

playing picture card games in spanish

9. Pesca. Put a paperclip on each card. Children use a stick with a magnet on the end of a string to catch the cards. If you print two sets of cards, kids can try to catch matching pairs.

10. Memoria. To play this classic game, make two sets of cards. Place them face down. Players turn over cards to try to make pairs. The person who has the most pairs at the end wins.

Click here for a printable version of these games.

Click here for summer picture cards without words.

Click here for summer picture cards with words.

Special thanks to Spanish Playground for providing these games. Visit their site for more activities to teach Spanish to kids.


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