Editor’s note: This year we’re celebrating the 15th anniversary of El Día de los niños/El Día de los libros en grande. First, we’re launching this new section, called Books & Libros, which will be headed by our newly appointed Book Editor, Chelsea Kyle, a regular contributor to SpanglishBaby for the last year. You can expect to find anything and everything related to books, including lists of recommendations, reviews, giveaways and ReadMe. We also have a major contest/giveaway related to literacy and Día which we will be revealing at the beginning of next week! In the meantime, please join me in welcoming Chelsea as our Book Editor. (BTW, you can find our new category, Books & Libros, right on the icons on top of our home page or about half-way down the first side bar.)


¡Hola, todos! As a SpanglishBaby contributor for the past year, I have had the good fortune of being able to combine my passions: writing, parenting, and linguistic exploration. Now, I have the opportunity to add my primary interest and a great source of joy in my life and my son’s life: libros!

My 3-year-old son, Isaías, and I enjoy reading both translated books (such as all those by Dr. Seuss) and original Spanish titles. He is learning to read a few words in both English and Spanish, so I love the bilingual books that have large print and direct translations in order for him to compare two words side-by-side. As you all know, children change so quickly that keeping up with books that will interest them is just as difficult as keeping them in clothing that fits!

I’m thrilled to hold the title of Book Editor for SpanglishBaby. We all know how difficult it is to find Spanish and/or bilingual books for our children (and for ourselves!), but my job is to help you do just that. With my bimonthly lists of book recommendations and reviews, I hope that you can have fun sharing literature in your native – or nonnative, as in my case – language with your niños without having to search high and low for appropriate titles.

My motivation in accepting this position is not only to search for those books that currently exist, but to identify the categories in which we all need more resources: gaps in the bilingual book world. As a lifelong writer, I have a personal interest in ultimately writing Spanish or bilingual books, and this is the perfect form of research!

All of the lists I present to you will be based on a theme, as is today’s. I will be searching high and low for quality libros for all ages and on all topics. I am open to suggestions or requests for future lists or reviews, so please feel free to contact me: chelsea@spanglishbaby.com.

The following are Pascua-themed books you can get directly from La Tiendita under the category: Books & Libros | Easter/Pascua. Happy reading y ¡Feliz Día de Pascua!


Spanish and Bilingual Books for Easter/Pascua

What are you reading to your niños for Easter? Do you have any other books we can add to this list?

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