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My Amigos Bilingual Education Center Preschool

132 Saint Davids Church Rd

WEst Columbia, South Carolina


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Joy Huyck



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Dual Language Immersion

Bilingual Education

My Amigos Bilingual Education Center (MABEC) established in the Midlands of South Carolina, will prepare children, our future leaders, to become well educated, strong in character, emotionally sound, physically conditioned and culturally rounded while growing and learning in a nurturing, bilingual (English/Spanish) environment. Vision My Amigos Bilingual Education Center will adapt the education program and expand to other areas of the United States. After planting these new programs, My Amigos Bilingual Education Center will become a program that is offeredRead More ...

Why Our Bilingual Familia is Getting The Preschool Search Blues

Posted by: | 8 Comments

My husband, the only Latino in the group of prospective parents, stood next to the only African-American in the group, a mother. They watched a group of adorable elementary school students sing a song in honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. As the lyrics, “we shall overcome” sang through the air, my husband realized that all of the students were either Anglo or Asian. He stayed through the rest of the tour and information session at the amazing schoolRead More ...

The Spanish Immersion Lottery is Today!!!

Posted by: | 36 Comments

Yes, I am so, so, so nervous about this! As you know, we’re in the process of applying to dual language immersion programs in our area and we’ve got our heart set in our girl being accepted into the Spanish dual immersion program at Franklin Magnet School, aka International Foreign Language Academy of Glendale. Today is the day the public lottery is held and we’ll know if our girl’s name gets drawn to be amongst the 24 or so childrenRead More ...

Our Search for a Dual Language Immersion Kindergarten

Posted by: | 28 Comments

It’s hard to believe that in just seven months my girl will be starting a whole new stage in life: kindergarten. That means that we are now deep in the process of touring dual language immersion programs, applications and crossing fingers to get a spot in one of our top choices. Just three years ago when we launched this blog, I visited what was then Benjamin Franklin Elementary school in the Glendale Unified District in California. We wrote a seriesRead More ...

Native Language In School Benefits Immigrant Students

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Embracing your culture can be really good for you – especially if you’re a student. A recent study titled “Culture Predicts Mexican-Americans’ College Self-Efficacy and College Performance” found that Mexican immigrant students who identify and practice speaking their native language have higher grade point averages than those who are put in English-only environments in their schools. The reason? David Aguayo, the doctoral student who conducted the study, found that the stress levels of those students who found themselves in aRead More ...

4 Reasons Why Children in the U.S. Should Speak Spanish

Posted by: | 4 Comments

Editor’s note: During the next few weeks, we’re going to be doing things a bit differently here as Ana and I concentrate in meeting the deadline for the forthcoming SpanglishBaby book. We hope you bear with us. Because we’ve been around for almost three years (wow! when did that happen?), this week we’ll be sharing some classic posts from when it all got started. This post was originally published on January 3, 2011. Last week, Chelsea Kyle shared on our Facebook page an excellentRead More ...

NPR Takes a Look at Bilingual Immersion Schools

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I lived in Miami for almost 19 years before moving to Denver five years ago. While I had heard of several bilingual immersion schools in the area, Coral Way K-8 Center was not one of them. I guess some stuff only becomes important once you become a mom. It turns out Coral Way is the oldest bilingual immersion school in the country, or so I was recently told by NPR’s education correspondent Claudio Sanchez, whose report about the school airsRead More ...

My Search for a Bilingual Preschool

Posted by: | 16 Comments

Living in Orlando, Florida, provides a multitude of opportunities to speak Spanish. Everywhere I go, I hear Spanish speakers. At the bank, I often notice that not a single person is speaking English when I walk in. Sometimes, I find myself jumping in to translate for monolingual Spanish speakers in the grocery store or at the mall. There is one place in which they are not being accommodated, though: education. Latinos make up 24% of the K-12 population of Florida, yetRead More ...

Spanish Book Clubs for Bilingual Children

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If you’ve been reading us for a while, you know that every so often I like to rave about my kids’ Spanish-speaking playgroup here in Denver. We’ve been a part of it since it began and although we don’t get to go to the meetups on a regular basis like we did at the beginning, the friendships both my kids and I have made are strong enough to survive our absences. Plus, as is the case of Vanessa, many of theRead More ...

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