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Susan O. Stephan is a credentialed Spanish Teacher in the state of California who earned her Master’s degree in Educational Linguistics from the University of Pennsylvania. She has taught in Spain, Japan and the United States. She teaches Spanish at a 7-12 public school in southern California, she also uses her teaching skills with her sons and in her Spanish speaking play groups.

Finding Nemo in 3-D {Giveaway}

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  “Finding Nemo” is one of our all time favorite Disney movies!  I am not sure if it has to do with our love of the ocean, marine life, or the touching story of a father’s search for his son; this is a movie that we can watch over and over again. Disney-Pixar’s “Finding Nemo” was first released in theater in 2003 and went on to earn the Oscar for Best Animated Feature Film.  It remains the fifth highest grossingRead More ...

The Role of Religion in Language Learning

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My interest in learning other languages can be traced back to learning Latin while attending Catholic school. Even as a young child, I was fascinated that there was another way to communicate, and I was always anxious to learn what the prayers and hymns in Latin meant. I attribute these early learning experiences to fostering my interest in mastering Spanish, a language derived from Latin, once I got to high school. Recently I have become very interested in the roleRead More ...

Monarca Language Educational Materials {Giveaway}

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I love to find educational activities that I can do with my children in Spanish.  Unfortunately, it can often be a challenge to find quality projects to do with my children. I was very excited to discover Monarca Language.  This website is all you need to find craft projects, games, and worksheets that encourage the learning and speaking Spanish.  Organized into seasonal and thematic are printable worksheets, dominoes, and flashcards.  There are also craft projects, which include printable templates andRead More ...

Thanksgiving: A Multilingual & Multicultural Affair

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Editor’s note: While we spend a lot of time talking about Latin American traditions, truth is we’re raising bicultural children. Since nothing could be more representative of American culture than Thanksgiving, we decided to bring you a few essays related to this tradition, which most Latinos have so happily embraced. After all, how can we say no to food, family and being grateful, right? Thanksgiving gives us a chance to reflect on our lives to be aware of and thankfulRead More ...

Jake and the Neverland Pirates: Jake Saves Bucky DVD {Giveaway}

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“Peter Pan” is one of my sons’ favorite movies, so it was no surprise that they would also fall in love with Jake and the Never Land Pirates.  They were thrilled to be able to watch a full-length, high-speed adventure on the high seas as Jake and his crew race to save their ship Bucky from the sneaky Captain Hook. This movie did not disappoint, as there was action, fun, an appearance from Peter Pan, and even a fire-breathing dragon. Read More ...

Allowance as a Motivator for Bilingual Children

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I have to admit that I tend to plan for everything.  My friends tease me saying that I even have a back-up plan for my plans, and truthfully, I do.  A couple months ago one of my posts included the current plan that I have in place for raising bilingual children.  For me having different approaches and strategies are essential for success, and giving my children the gift of bilingualism is an important goal. Recently I have been thinking aboutRead More ...

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