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Jennifer raised her three children speaking Spanish and English. She holds a Master’s degree in Spanish Literature and has been teaching Spanish for over twenty years. She shares resources for teaching Spanish to children on her website Spanish Playground.


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Expressing Emotions in Spanish {Activity}

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¡Feliz como un lombriz! That is how we all want our children to feel todo el tiempo. Of course, no one is happy all the time, and it is important for children to learn to understand and express different emotions. This simple craft activity is a sign to hang on a door. A child uses it to show how she is feeling. I call it a midemociones (emotion measure) and it helps children identify and express emotions in Spanish. ThisRead More ...

Playing Picture Card Games in Spanish

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If you are looking for Spanish language games to play with your niños this summer, try picture cards. The pictures help kids understand the Spanish they hear, so they learn new words as they are having fun. You are probably familiar with games like Memory, where players turn over matching pairs, or Go Fish where players ask each other for cards to make pairs. You will find ten games to play with picture cards on this printable activity sheet. IfRead More ...

10 Picture Card Games to Play in Spanish {Printable Activity}

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The following games accompany the post Playing Picture Card Games in Spanish. Click the links at the end of the article to download and print these games and a set of summer picture cards. Use the words on the cards as much as possible as you play. ¡Diviértanse! 1. La carrera Set out cards as a race track. Add a salida and a meta (start and finish). Roll dice to move pieces along the track. You can add sin gasolinaRead More ...

Photo Banner for Conversation in Spanish {Printable Activity}

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As my kids got older, I worried about them getting enough exposure to Spanish to keep expanding their vocabulary. The language we used at home was often routine and as they spent more time with friends they used Spanish in fewer settings. I was concerned that when we did speak Spanish in new situations there was not enough repetition for them to be really learning. I began looking for simple ways to have conversations about a wider variety of topicsRead More ...

Jump Rope Rhymes en Español {Printable Activity}

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   My children can rattle off rhymes they chanted jumping rope when they were small. I have to say, they are not the only ones! I can recite rhymes I jumped to as a child, too. With jump rope rhymes, movement and language work together to reach our minds and memory on the deepest level so that we remember the chants long after we stop jumping rope with our amiguitos.  We all know how important it is to be physicallyRead More ...

PEEP Science Videos and Activities in Spanish

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SpanglishBaby is excited to be working with WGBH Boston, the National Latino Children’s Institute and PEEP and the Big Wide World to celebrate El Día de los Niños. Cities around the country will celebrate El Día de los Niños on Monday, April 30, 2012. PEEP and the Big Wide World introduces kids to science and has a super website with Spanish language resources. By observing and describing the basis of science, kids learn Spanish as they associate words with whatRead More ...

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