For many families, the coming months are filled with gatherings, family and muchísimo español. Playing question games together provides an opportunity to tell family stories, talk about our values and laugh together. Of course, you know your friends and family, but this simple question game will help you all get to know each other aun mejor.

This printable board game is a fun Spanish language activity for children. Many children love to have the floor and answer questions about themselves. Playing with family and friends, they get to talk about their ideas and experiences with people who are important to them. For Spanish language learners, you can add questions at any level. They can be as simple as ¿Cuál es tu libro favorito? or as complicated and conceptual as you like. Also, the structure of board games includes everyone equally. More reserved children (and adults) have a chance to share and others have the opportunity to listen.

The game has a set of 24 question cards. If you want to make more and need ideas, there are many lists of “conversation starter” questions online. Print the game board and cards on cardstock and laminate them if you want them to be more durable.

Spark Spanish Conversation with this Juego de Preguntas {Printable Activity}

Click here for the printable game board with instructions. Click here for the question cards.

There are two simple ways to play.

1) Players move ahead by rolling a die and following any instructions on the square. Just take turns rolling, drawing a question card, answering. The first one to the meta wins.

2) You move ahead by rolling a die. If you land on a blue square, you answer the question yourself. If you land on a green square, you ask the question to someone else. If you land on a pink square you can choose to answer the question yourself or ask someone else. The first one to the meta wins.

Special thanks to Spanish Playground for providing this activity. Visit their site for more activities to teach Spanish to kids.

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