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SpanglishBaby is excited to be working with WGBH Boston, the National Latino Children’s Institute and PEEP and the Big Wide World to celebrate El Día de los Niños. Cities around the country will celebrate El Día de los Niños on Monday, April 30, 2012.

PEEP and the Big Wide World introduces kids to science and has a super website with Spanish language resources. By observing and describing the basis of science, kids learn Spanish as they associate words with what they see. Kids learn science by doing, and hands-on is the best way to learn a language too!

PEEP has made it easy to give kids rich science-language experiences. Videos introduce children to important concepts related to topics like el agua, las plantas, los colores, and las sombras. For each tema there is an animated story and live-action videos of children doing simple experiments. Parents and teachers can do all these activities with kids.

The children in the live-action videos talk about basic science as they play and explore. Kids hear how to use Spanish to describe what is happening. For parents and teachers who are not sure of the most natural way to talk about water leaking through a dam or how to measure footsteps, this is a fabulous resource!

Spanish language learners will be able to understand and repeat lots of lines in the animated stories. Children may not understand every word, but they will understand the animation. In addition, parents and teachers will hear lots of sentences they can use in everyday situations.

Useful Tips for Watching the PEEP Videos With Kids

  • Watch part of the video if it is too long for your child. Come back to watch more at another time.
  • Use simple games to introduce kids to important words before you watch. There are suggestions on this printable activity sheet.
  • With children just beginning to learn Spanish, listen for an important word like sombra, agua, or semilla. Count how many times you hear the word. Be sure to watch the segment all the way through before you try to hear a specific word.
  • Watch the live-action videos to learn how to do the activities. This is a good reason to pause the video and talk about what is happening. Repeat key phrases naturally: Hacen una presa para detener el agua. Me parece divertido. Creo que lo podemos hacer. Kids will watch and listen closely if they know they are going to do the same experiment.
  • Kids learn from repetition. If they want to rewatch the videos, indulge them!


Tips for Following Up the PEEP Videos in Spanish

  • Do the activities in the live-action videos using the Cartas de ciencias para la familia provided on the site. Use the phrases you hear in the videos as you do the activities.
  •  Use simple and funny lines from the animated stories in your daily routine. Children will remember the video and there is a good chance they will repeat the phrases too.
  • Point out word families related to science concepts. For example, mention that a sombrero makes sombra, and that agua que corre has a corriente.
  • Use refranes related to the science concepts and the vocabulary. Talk to your child about what the proverb means and how it relates to what she has observed. See the list of printable activities for suggestions.
  • Read the Spanish language books recommended in the Cartas de ciencias para la familia with your child. Look for other books related to the topic.

Click here for fun and easy activities to introduce basic science vocabulary in spanish, including a handy printable sheet.

PEEP and the Big Wide World airs in Spanish on Vme, Monday thorough Saturday from 9:15-9:30am.

Celebrating Bilingual Readers Contest–over $500 in prizes, including books and a Kindle Fire!

Celebrating Día de los Niños with PEEP–we´re hosting a bilingual Twitter fiesta with lots of cool prizes! Follow #PEEPDia hashtag on Twitter this Tuesday, April 24 from 1pm-2:30pm EST.

Día de los Niños Parachute–your kids will have a blast making this parachute, inspired by PEEP!

Fun and Easy Activities to Introduce Basic Science Vocabulary in Spanish–a collection of fun games in Spanish from Spanish Playground. Includes a printable sheet.

Disclosure: We’ve partnered with WGBH Boston and are receiving compensation for a series of posts and a Día de los Niños twitter party.

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