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Gamification in Education and Language-Learning

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Just about everything we do in our daily routine has been turned into an electronic game – childcare, cleaning, cooking, fitness, sports and even stealing cars!  Not that we steal cars routinely, but I think you get what I mean.  This sort of attention to gaming has been strongly redirected toward the arena of education, and rightly so. Watch any gamer in action and you’ll see a firsthand demonstration of how the learning curve actually works.  Because video games canRead More ...

My Family’s Language Immersion Experience In France

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My husband (a native French speaker) and I (an advanced non-native French speaker) have raised our two boys bilingually since they were born. They are 7 and 10 and in the 2nd and 5th grades. We normally live in the US and spend five to six weeks in France every two years. But, we wanted more! We are currently at the mid-point of a five-month stay in France. Although we have been pleased with their bilingual progress while living inRead More ...

Sugar Skull Rice Krispies Treats {Recipe}

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Today I want to share a Holiday that is very dear to my heart, Dia de Los Muertos. A time to reflect on the loved ones we have lost, celebrate their lives and rejoice in knowing their legacy will be carried on with our children. Our family celebrates this yearly tradition with a weeklong celebration of honoring our loved ones with a family altar. In our altar we showcase favorite family photos of our departed, papel picado, candy skulls, flowersRead More ...

What Will Preschool Do To My Son’s Spanish Skills?

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  My son is only 17 months and I find myself already thinking of preschool applications! Yes it is true, if I want Enzo to start next year, I have to apply now.  I cannot believe I have to start thinking about what school I would like him to attend next year. I mean, I feel like I am just discovering what kind of kid he is becoming! As I have started this process, I have so many thoughts aboutRead More ...

How to Raise Bilingual Kids With Special Needs

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I’m raising bilingual kids with special needs. You can do it too. When my first child was born, I was immediately warned that I shouldn’t expose a child with special needs to two languages. The reasons were that: — Their speech development will slow down from trying to learn two languages — Their brains don’t have the capacity to make the switch from one language to another — They are already challenged with the disability, so I shouldn’t add anRead More ...

Canciones de Cuna: Songs for the Soul

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With babies and toddlers there is always a time when a lullaby comes to our rescue. And yes, I mean rescue because lullabies are fundamental to sooth a crying baby or simply to create the right bedtime environment. These songs are useful not just to lull the baby to sleep but also any little brothers and sisters who may be around. Lullabies in all languages have put to bed millions and millions of babies, all over the length and breadthRead More ...

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