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Using Literature to Teach Our Bilingual Kids About Latin American History

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As author of “An Honest Boy, Un hombre sincero” — the only children’s book on the life of Cuban legend José Martí — Magdalena Zenaida evokes a sense of cultural pride by embracing biculturalism. We sat down with her to chat about bilingualism, raising proud, bicultural identities and what José Martí means to her. How do we interest our children in bilingual literature and why should we?   I think a great way to interest children in bilingual literature isRead More ...

Video of the Week: Mi Amiguita Rosita (Sesame Street)

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Sesame Street is really going all out with their Latino-themed videos for Hispanic Heritage Month! Earlier this week we shared Romeo Santos’ video singing with Elmo and today we found this adorable one of Rosita singing about what being Mexican means to her. Love! ...

Announcing Disney ¡Ajá!: Online Games, Activities and Favorite Shows in Spanish!

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Although we love to say that we celebrate Hispanic Heritage every single day here on SpanglishBaby, we have to admit to loving Hispanic Heritage Month because the celebration just goes on overdrive. Case in point is Disney ¡Ajá! This oh-so-exciting and oh-so-awaited online destination by Disney gathers in one place a slew of online games, printables and full episodes of  many of our kid’s favorite shows in one place and all ¡en español! Are you as excited as we are?Read More ...

Confessions of a Gringa Latina

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You know those butterflies we tend to get when we’re about to do something big? Whether it’s giving a speech, stepping into an important meeting, jumping out of a plane or participating in a race, I am constantly looking for opportunities that provoke this simultaneous feeling of nervousness and excitement. While I admit that I am far from a good singer, and still have much to improve on in terms of speaking in front of a crowd, the favorite butterfliesRead More ...

15 Books to Celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month with #BilingualKids

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September 15th marks the start of Hispanic Heritage Month — a month-long celebration to honor the history, cultures and traditions of U.S. citizens with heritage from countries in Latin America and Spain. The dates of September 15 through October 15th were chosen because several countries celebrate their independence day during those weeks: México, Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala and Nicaragua. The celebration also includes October 12th, known as Columbus Day. Of course, I always like to say thatRead More ...

Tips to Make Your Children See Why They Need to Speak Spanish

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One of the most common struggles for parents raising bilingual kids is getting their children to speak Spanish. This is especially true once the rebellion stage hits and children refuse to use their minority language making their parents extremely frustrated. Bilingualism experts agree that one of the most important tasks for parents raising a child with two languages is to create a perceived need for the minority language. In other words, your kid HAS to feel there are some circumstances inRead More ...

Latino Americans on PBS + Educational Curriculum in English and Spanish

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The start of Hispanic Heritage Month is still a couple of months away, but we can’t wait to let you know about  LATINO AMERICANS — the first major (and bilingual!) documentary series for television to chronicle the rich and varied history and experiences of Latinos. The much-anticipated series, narrated by Benjamin Bratt, will air on PBS on September and October, 2013: Tuesdays – September 17, September 24 and October 1 – 8-10 p.m. ET. Additionally, the series will broadcast nationally in Spanish on Vme, the Spanish-language channel on publicRead More ...

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