31 Days of Reading in Spanish: Cali y Mona

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Cali y Mona de Pepe Valle

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Mexican cinematographer Pepe Valle got the idea for the story of Cali y Mona when he read a newspaper article about a blind young lady that had gone her 23 years of life without a guide dog. Cali’s strict Muslim parents considered dogs to be too unclean. But then she heard a story about mini ponies trained to guide the blind and she saved money for three years to get one, even though everyone told her it wouldn’t work.

We picked up Cali y Mona during this year’s LéaLA book fair in Los Angeles. I was immediately drawn to the beautiful illustrations by Margarita Sada and then blown away when I saw that the book was bilingual: Spanish and Braille. Sada also added texture to the illustrations so you can feel Mona’s hair or pass your fingers to feel Cali’s dress.

Ultimately, Cali y Mona is a beautiful story about friendship and tolerance. It also helped me teach my daughter that some people are born blind and they read with their fingers. It’s become one of our favorite books.

31 Days Of Reading in SpanishBOOK DETAILS

Title: Cali y Mona

Authors/Illustrators: Pepe Valle/Margarita Sada

Ages: all

Publisher/Year: FONCA/CONACULTA, 2011

ISBN: 978-607-95701-0-1

 Price: $21.57 on Amazon.com



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