Is your baby creating Spanglish verbs? Mine does! As they develop their bilingual vocabulary it’s really fun to see how they conjugate verbs in both languages. Do you have one to share?

Here are some of our SpanglishBaby verbos shared by a few of our SpanglishBaby Playground amigas:

Ligia:  “corring” en vez de “corriendo” y “canting” en lugar de “cantando” son algunas de las palabras que mi hijo ha dicho.

Audrey: “My daughter always says “sendar” for “mandar” or “enviar.” Ella siempre me dice, “Le voy a sendar esa carta a mi abuelita”

Melissa: “Voy a bringuer las cosas conmigo…Mom, she gasts all of our time/money/paint.”  First of all, he’s supposed to be speaking to me in Spanish! and yes, he does use gasts as if it were an English word for waste.  As a teacher of English as a second language, I often hear native Spanish speakers say things like “We didn’t waste our time on reading/homework” simply meaning that they didn’t spend enough time on something  (gastar covering the meaning of both waste and spend).  For some reason it boggled my mind that the exact same error also popped up in the reverse!”

 What verbos are your kids mixing? We’d like to know! You can follow the conversation on SpanglishBabyPlayground

{Picture by  mikebaird }

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