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Words on Wednesday – Learning Verbos!

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Is your baby creating Spanglish verbs? Mine does! As they develop their bilingual vocabulary it’s really fun to see how they conjugate verbs in both languages. Do you have one to share? Here are some of our SpanglishBaby verbos shared by a few of our SpanglishBaby Playground amigas: Ligia:  “corring” en vez de “corriendo” y “canting” en lugar de “cantando” son algunas de las palabras que mi hijo ha dicho. Audrey: “My daughter always says “sendar” for “mandar” or “enviar.”Read More ...

My Daughter Is Not As Bilingual As I Thought

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Did that headline shock you? It shocked me to write it and admit it because I’ve been claiming for years now that my 5-year old is completely bilingual. I mean, we’re doing everything right, or at least we were for a while. First let me tell you why and how I realized she’s not as bilingual as I thought and then I’ll explain where I think we messed up. Fisher-Price invited Roxana and I to be one of their PlayRead More ...

Is Your Bilingual Kid Mixing Languages? No Worries, It’s Okay

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One of the the things that can put parents who are raising bilingual children off the most – aside from their kid not responding back in the target language – is when they start mixing languages. Our first thought is that our child is falling “behind” in terms of language acquisition, but nothing can be further from the truth. My girl is almost five years old now and is very aware that she’s about to start a new stage inRead More ...

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