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I’m so excited to share this video project I was hired to host for eHow on their Mom channel. We shot a total of 10 videos all under the main theme of Get Involved. As a mom raising a bilingual and bicultural child, I’m well aware of how important it is for us to be completely involved in how and what our children are learning. Everything from the music and apps we choose for them, to making sure the DVD is being played with the Spanish track on, to making huge sacrifices to immerse them through travel and education, being involved, present and having a commitment is key.

And now that my girl is on her first official summer break (she’s a kinder graduate!), videos like these below are helping spark the creative flame to fill in those long summer days with fun, memorable and educational activities.

There are 10 videos in total as part of the series:

1. Fun Lessons With Common Household Items – With these simple crafts projects, you can teach your children about everything from music to nature to light and color.

2. Making Music From Natural Objects – Show your kids how to make musical instruments using common objects found in nature like grass, twigs, rocks and fruits and veggies.

3. Raising Kids Who Care: Volunteer Opportunities for Kids – This simple advice will help you select the best volunteer opportunities for your children.

4. Sneaky Ways to Boost Problem Solving Skills for Kids – These three activities help teach your children essential problem-solving skills.

5. Taking Math Outside: Sidewalk Chalk Math – Do your kids dread doing their math homework? Make it fun by doing math problems with sidewalk chalk outdoors.

6. Childhood Startup: Teaching Your Child About Money – These simple activities teach your children how to save money, make financial goals and become financially responsible.

7. Fun Science Experiments You Can Do with Your Child – Using common household ingredients, you can create safe science experiments that teach your children about density, chemical reactions and more.

8. Fun Science Activity for Kids: Making Elephant Toothpaste – This delightful experiment teaches kids about chemical reactions.

9. Fun Science Activity for Kids: Making a Lava Lamp – Using common household ingredients, your kids can create a homemade lava lamp.

10. Fun Science Activity for Kids: The Parachute Egg Challenge – This fun experiment teaches kids about gravity and air resistance.

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