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Photo by Rodrigo Senna

Photo by Rodrigo Senna

Sunday’s here again and it’s time for us to share links that might be of interest to you regarding all things bilingual and multicultural. Enjoy!

1) Foreign Language Fun: Kids Tell Why to Learn a Language – “You’ve got to see this PSA from the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages for its Discover Languages campaign.  These precious kids are just too cute, and their message just too important to miss!” Too cute!

2) Latin Baby Book Club: June’s Book of the Month & Complimentary Bilingual Activity - The LBBC’s recommendation for June’s Libro del Mes, is René Colato Lainez’s Playing Lotería/El juego de la lotería. Lotería focuses on the relationship between a child and his grandmother, and on how they become closer as each one teaches the other a new language, in this case, through the use of the lotería game. The storyline is fun and teaches the reader how to play the game. Hopefully, they have it at our local library. Sounds fun!

3) The New York Times: Shakira Makes Education Her Mission – “Two years ago Shakira, her longtime boyfriend, Antonio de la Rua, and some of their friends conceived the idea of a loose union of Ibero-American singers, called ALAS (“wings” in Spanish), which would use the power of their fame to mobilize fans, and the politicians fans vote for, to advance the cause of early-childhood development. A detailed look into this Colombian’s singer charitable work. Very inspiring!

4) The New York Times: Hispanic? Latino? Or What? – The nomination of Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court prompted discussion about our use of “Hispanic,” “Latino” and related terms. It’s not a simple issue, and I consulted with a number of reporters and editors here who offered good counsel. This is from the paper’s weekly newsroom critique of grammar, usage and style in The Times. It’s about time they did something about this. I personally don’t like being called a Hispanic. First and foremost, I’m Peruvian and then, I guess, I call myself a Latina.

5) The Houston Chronicle: Illegal Immigration, Filming a Controversial Film – The passionate subject of immigration is not just fodder for blogs, columnists and activists any more. In the long tradition of art imitating life, immigration is now increasingly a story line playing out on the big screen. The more we “talk” about this topic, the less ignorance there will be surrounding it! I hope to see this film soon!

6) Guanabee: Just in Time for the Parade, Here are 10 Puerto Ricans Who’ve Done a Baile de Bomba in Our Hearts – It’s coming people! The Puerto Rican Day Parade is almost here. In case you happen to be a silly caca who plans on staying home instead of being out and loud and fashionable, you can celebrate the parade by reading through this list of 10 (technically 11, we guess) Puerto Ricans we’ve found inspiring, influential or annoying enough to get under our skin (JOSE FELICIANO!!!). Interesting list, but is Erik Estrada really Puerto Rican???

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