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Dos Borreguitas Spanglish Style for Kids {Giveaway}

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“Que Divina!” I loved the Babel Animalitos T-shirt from the moment I saw it. The t-shirt comes in pink and blue and features three pairs of animalitos “speaking” in both English and Spanish. As our little Spanglish children all know, the doggie says “Guau Guau” in Spanish, but “Woof” in English. The sombreroed pajaritos on this shirt chirp, “Pio Pio!” It made me and Marisol both smile immediately with its playful graphics. I noticed right away that the shirt wasRead More ...

Scholastic Parent Circle: The Miracle of the First Poinsettia {Giveaway}

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Recently, I was asked to join a select group of bloggers as first official members of a program called the Scholastic Parent Circle. As such, I’ll be reviewing one book from Scholastic’s Club Leo selection every month, as well as giving a copy away. I’m pretty excited about this opportunity because I’m always looking for quality and fun books in Spanish and we all know how hard those are to come by. We already have a nice collection of SpanishRead More ...

Ingenio’s Sounds Amazing Bilingual Cards and Pen {Giveaway}

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As my boys get older, they’re more into books, elaborate building sets and Mama’s iPad, and have outgrown the babyish Spanish-“speaking” toys of old.  That’s why I liked Ingenio’s Sounds Amazing cards.  There are fifty double-sided flashcards, grouped into categories (our favorites were Transportation and Musical Instruments), which include a picture of an object (such as an ambulance), information about the object in English and in Spanish, and a bar code.  Scan the bar code with the included wand, andRead More ...

Smart Play Ingenio USA Map Puzzle {Giveaway}

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  Once your kids start to fathom what cerca and lejos mean, your next step is to expand the concepts by helping them understand where they fit in the world (literally). The Smart Play USA Floor Map Puzzle by ingenio can help you do just that. Along with cute symbols for each state, the puzzle includes Spanish names for many states and bodies of water. It is the perfect size – big enough to read easily, but won’t cover theRead More ...

Caramba Kids By José Luis Orozco Is Live! {Giveaway!}

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If you’ve followed us for the last almost three years, you know we are avid fans of bilingual educator and musician, José Luis Orozco. We admire his vision and dedication of more than 30 years for preserving our cultural heritage and language through the use of music and literature aimed at our niños. The restless Orozco and his crew have just announced the launch of a site and project we were already privy to, but were waiting for it toRead More ...

Giving Thanks And More Stories To Celebrate American Heritage {DVD Giveaway}

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I have been looking for a way to explain Thanksgiving to my children this year.  While I love the cute stories about turkeys, I was hoping to provide my sons with a more meaningful and historical understanding of this American holiday. The Scholastic Storybook Treasures Giving Thanks…And More Stories to Celebrate American Heritage is a great way to introduce American history to children.  This DVD includes four stories “Lincoln & Douglass:  An American Friendship” which is narrated by Danny Glover,Read More ...

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