Once your kids start to fathom what cerca and lejos mean, your next step is to expand the concepts by helping them understand where they fit in the world (literally). The Smart Play USA Floor Map Puzzle by ingenio can help you do just that.

Along with cute symbols for each state, the puzzle includes Spanish names for many states and bodies of water. It is the perfect size – big enough to read easily, but won’t cover the dinner table.

My favorite part is that it’s quite difficult to put together. Trying the puzzle with my son meant testing my knowledge of the exact location of each U.S. state! This would be a great activity for older children to introduce younger ones to geography.

After my son and I completed the puzzle, we talked about it for the same amount of time it had taken us to put it together. I pointed out which states are home to all our friends and family members, and explained to him why there’s a caimán icon on the state of Florida. The best part about our discussion? It happened in Spanglish, because the puzzle is labeled in both languages.

If you want your kids to graduate from baby rompecabezas to more intricate ones, this is your chance!

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