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Now I Know My ABC’s

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It’s all about the ABC’s for my daughter these days and nothing could be more luring than a set of colorful and sturdy cards with both the English and Spanish alphabet all packed into a nifty red box that begs to be opened. Another very cool product from Bilingual Readers. The Easy Alphabet!/¡Abecedario Fácil! is a great way for children to learn both alphabets and to enrich their vocabulary in both languages. There are 27 cards in the box andRead More ...

Los Lobos Goes Disney

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I‘m sure it’s happened to you. You’re happily minding your own business and out of nowhere you start belting out the theme song from the latest movie/TV show your kids are currently addicted to. Well, you’ll be happy to know that if it happens to be a Disney movie, you can now sing to the the tune of Los Lobos! In their new album, Los Lobos Goes Disney, the three-time Grammy award winners, cover a bunch of Disney classics withRead More ...

Big Art for Little Hands

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That’s exactly the way the publishers describe this Frida Kahlo Coloring Book for children: Big art for little hands.  And this is one I really want to get my own hands on.  I can even imagine myself begging my two-year old to sit down and color with me the fascinating 32 pages on this book.  She would probably be over it after roughly squiggling undefined lines with a couple of colors, while I sit there patiently trying to recreate theRead More ...

ReadMe: Marina and the Little Green Boy

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This contest is now closed. We’ll announce the winner shortly! We’re doing something a little bit different for this month’s installment of ReadMe. Instead of showcasing a book’s author, we’d actually like to introduce you to a brand new bilingual publishing house which we support 100%. First because we truly believe in what the publishers are doing and second because their products are different and, simply put, cool and innovative! It’s called Bilingual Readers – we’ve linked to their blog’sRead More ...

Singing the Sombrero Song Over and Over Again

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Music is a vital element of our day to day life. I´m always making up silly songs that I would never dare to sing in public, and now my girl is joining me. Her´s are much better, for sure! Fati, a native Argentinian, and Charles are a husband and wife team and parents to two bilingual kids who decided to give life to those silly songs we parents like to make up with our kids and record them on toRead More ...

Your kid will look ‘precioso’

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Everybody was raving about my newborn son at a recent family + friend’s get-together – and it wasn’t only because some were meeting him for the very first time. The main reason is that he is PRECIOSO (ok, I’m a little biased ) and now he has the clothes for all the world to know! When I got Latin Baby’s Precioso onesie in the mail, I chuckled because that’s probably one of the terms of endearment I use the mostRead More ...

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