Big Art for Little Hands

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That’s exactly the way the publishers describe this Frida Kahlo Coloring Book for children: Big art for little hands.  And this is one I really want to get my own hands on.  I can even imagine myself begging my two-year old to sit down and color with me the fascinating 32 pages on this book.  She would probably be over it after roughly squiggling undefined lines with a couple of colors, while I sit there patiently trying to recreate the masterpieces of Mexico’s most known female artist with a palette of Crayolas.

Frida Kahlo’s work is a manifestation of identity through culture.  She, along with her husband Diego Rivera, revived many of Mexico’s lost colors, faces and traditions. This enchanting coloring book introduces her magical art to your budding artista at a level he can be comfortable with. Plus, for only $8.95 gives you a much needed dose of cultura amidst the plastic, the cartoons and the hyper activeness of children’s daily life.

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