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ReadMe: Let me Help!

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My daughter is at that stage when she actually thinks helping is fun—well, at least most of the times. When we come back from the doing groceries, I usually ask her to help me carry some of the less heavy bags from the garage to the kitchen. Once we’re there, she helps me put away some of the stuff in both the fridge and the pantry. Not only does this make her feel useful—and big—which is great for her self-esteem,Read More ...

An Authentic Fiesta Mexicana for Kids

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This year marks the 200th anniversary of Mexico´s independence (no, it´s not celebrated on 5 de mayo!) and we’re already preparing for it. Living in the U.S. it´s nearly impossible not to be influenced by one of the myriad elements that make up the rich and diverse Mexican culture.  It imbues or food, our TV screens, our slang and our music.  Mexican music has influenced genres across the board and still continues to be predominant on the scene.  But fewRead More ...

Lover Boy: A Bilingual Counting Book

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I come from a family of besucones. In other words, I’m surrounded by those who love to give and receive tons of kisses. I’ve never been too much into it myself, that is, until my daughter was born almost four years ago and since then, I haven’t been able to stop showering her with kisses every chance I get. She’s a besucona too, so this has not been a problem. I still remember the first time she gave a “real”Read More ...

Make Life a Musical in Spanish {Giveaway}

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Music is one of the most effective ways to learn and/or maintain a language, especially at the critical age of 2 to 6. The husband and wife team that created the Sing-A-Lingo music program understand that very well and are making life a musical in Spanish for many children with their CDs, books and other original learning tools. We received their multiple award-winning En Mi Casa CD, a singable book, stickers, and lyric and vocabulary cards all to accompany theRead More ...

ReadMe: Poems to Dream Together

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I don’t like having to fess up, but I’ve never been a very big fan of poetry. I don’t want to sound ignorant. I’m a writer. I know about the power and beauty of words. I just think that it has to do with the fact that I was never really exposed to it. I want the opposite to be the case for my niños, so I’ve been searching for the kind of children’s poetry that would engage them. NowRead More ...

Yoga in Spanish for Kids {Giveaway}

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We all know we are constantly looking for original activities to engage our little one´s in.  Have you ever thought about yoga?  And how about if you can add some Spanish into the mix? That´s exactly what Lina Navía, former telenovela star, turned yoga instructor has so beautifully created with her Ümbral Yoga con Lina Navía DVD. Lina has set out to educate the Hispanic community about the health and wellness benefits of yoga as an integral part of ourRead More ...

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