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ReadMe: When Times are Tough/En tiempos difíciles

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Most of us have been affected one way or another by the economic woes this country has been through in the last couple of  years. And, although children might be too young to understand all the implications and repercussions of a bad economy, they are not blind to the changes these bring about in their lives. Yet, at least for me, money is one of the toughest subjects to talk about with children. And,  if you have a preschooler, you probably know all too well how theyRead More ...

Bilingual Greeting Cards That Speak Our Language

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I had been waiting for someone to finally come up with exactly these type of bilingual and bicultural greeting cards and Viva Greetings hit the mark.  When Carla, owner and designer, contacted me so I could find out about her online shop I clicked over not expecting much.  Then, first thing I saw when her page loaded up was a simple, yet beautifully designed, red gallo (rooster) saying ¡Hola¡ to me. Trapped, I started furtively clicking through the site toRead More ...

ReadMe: Cuando los grandes eran pequeños

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Have you ever wondered what famous writers were like when they were children? Award-winning author Georgina Lázaro did and decided to not only find out, but to write about it for all our children to know. Cuándo los grandes eran pequeños is a collection of books in Spanish, pubished by Lectorum, which narrate the childhood of influential writers from all over Latin America and Spain. The series includes Federico Garcia Lorca, José Martí, Pablo Neruda and Julia de Burgos, amongRead More ...

A Book About Counting in English and Spanish

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Iconic British illustrator, Quentin Blake, just published a new Spanish/English bilingual book that is adorable for its simplicity: Ten Frogs/Diez Ranas. It is simply a book about counting in English and Spanish with his beautiful illustrations of animals. The book is completely unpretentious and reads like a piece of art. I recommend it for parents with babies who can sit in front of the book and just be mesmerized by the animal illustrations; for bilingual toddlers who are learning toRead More ...

Latin Party Anywhere {Giveaway}

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If there’s one thing we Latinos know how to do, it’s to party!  I don’t say that lightly. I take my salsa dancing very seriously. Problem is, I haven’t been getting much of it lately, and by “lately” I mean count in  years, not days or months.  This mamá doesn´t get to fiestar as much as she used to, or would like to. But, who´s to say I can´t dance whenever  I feel like it?  That´s just what I´ve beenRead More ...

Spanish Tees for Bilingual Babies

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It´s all about style these days with my bilingual princesa.  She´s almost three and at the stage where she has to choose her own clothes and will go loquita if I try to dress her in pants. She´s not having any of that. The self-declared princesa will only wear dresses and flowy skirts. Oh, sí. Last week we received a package with an adorably cute t-shirt from Hola Baby online store.  They sent her a stylish white tee with twoRead More ...

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