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Tortillas, tamales, pupusas, arepas, empanadas are words that need no translation because they are becoming such a rich part of the culinary tradition of las Américas. These traditional foods have one ingredient in common: Maseca, instant corn masa flour.

And why is Maseca part of every Latina´s kitchen? Because corn is a healthy tradition in our diets and part of our history, especially if you are from Mexican descent where corn has been a staple grain since Aztec times.

Since we believe food is one of the bridges to our culture, we are thrilled to be partnering with Maseca, a brand that represents our culture so well, as one of their ten Amigas Blogueras.

If you go to the Maseca brand new website here, you´ll meet all the Amigas Blogueras and see that we´re in great company! If you browse around you´ll find the Mi Chef section with tons of great recipe ideas using Maseca Amarilla, Regular and Para Tamales, which have been cleverly categorized under Niños, Recetas Tradicionales, El Lado Light and, my favorite, Sorprende a tu suegra. I totally need to spend some time exploring those recipes!

Maseca Tamales recipe

And how about this collection of eight tamale recipes from all over the Americas? Nicaragua, Mexico, Perú, Honduras, Guatemala and even the U.S.! I had no idea we had so many variations, and since these are made with Maseca they are simpler to prepare and delve into tasting them all. Forget Taco Tuesday. Let´s make it Tamale Thursdays!

Aside from browsing through some delicious recipes on the new site, you´ll also learn about the nutritional values of la tortilla we love so much and take for granted how healthy of a food it is.

For the next three months we´ll share more with you and the Maseca visitors over at their site. We´ll also let you know about cool new promotions, like this one called Raspa y Gana where you can instantly win Maseca products or even have them pay for your grocery bill.

For now, we´d love to know if you use Maseca and what you make with it.

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Disclosure: This is a sponsored campaign on behalf of Maseca and Latina Bloggers Connect. All opinions are our own. We are thrilled to partner with brands which are an ideal fit.



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