Bilingual is Better

Apps are great, but have you ever wished you could expand them and give your kids even more hours of educational fun?

Little Pim, creator of many excellent apps and language teaching resources, offers digital downloads to fill in that gap. These short films are perfect for preschoolers, and native Spanish speakers will enjoy them just as much as beginners. Each video combines real-life footage of children and their parents with animated scenes of Little Pim. While she narrates, the 60+ words of new vocabulary appear on the screen. Watch the movies straight through, or choose a chapter to see specific parts again.

Get Up and Go! Spanish         $9.99


Learn all about the routines of the day – meals, school, bedtime, bathtime, etc. – with this cute half-hour video.

Let’s Eat! Spanish                    $9.99


Not only does this digital download teach the nouns for all different kinds of food, but it uses them in complete sentences and includes important mealtime verbs.

Let’s Play! Spanish                  $9.99

This video presents all the words and phrases you need to discuss playtime, which is why it’s likely to be your child’s favorite of all the Little Pim videos.

Click on each individual link above to find the videos in iTunes.

Available for iPad, iPod, iPhone, and Android

Recommended for ages 0-6

Check out the preview on the Little Pim website for a sneak peek at the digital downloads.

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