Bilingual is Better

I am lucky–very lucky–to have many friends who are raising bilingual children around me.  Our weekly playdates with Dariela´s son, Adrián, have become a source of intense joy for Camila.  I can´t help but say how cute they are together!

I´ve told you before how Adrián, who´s being raised with the OPOL method,  knows to speak in Spanish as soon as he sees Camila and me coming.  A couple of weeks ago, I took care of both at my house.  I let them go crazy with the water and the mud and sat back to enjoy their silliness, en español. This video is a glimpse into the lives of two bilingual children, one being raised with OPOL and the other with mL@h.

Please share with us any videos you have of your bilingual children!  Just drop the link in the comments below.

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