Last week I told you about my new HP Pavilion dv6 and how totally chévere it is. Next week you’ll have a chance to win one in SpanglishBaby’s giveaway, (made possible by HP and Intel) – but this week we’re going to tease you a little more by telling you about what this baby can do – and giving you some specific ideas on how your student can make good use of it.

HP Pavilion dv6 Features:

• HP SimplePass is something I only discovered last night. This feature is so futuristic that when I found out what it was, I could hardly believe that this technology was available for regular consumers. HP SimplePass is a tiny fingerprint scanner which is embedded into the lower right quadrant of the keyboard area. The purpose? After you set it up, you can simply swipe your finger and the computer will fill in account usernames and passwords to log you into websites. Chécalo!


This is a totally useful time-saver for forgetful kids who already have too much on their minds. My teenage son can never remember his E-mail password. My only concern in using this feature is getting dependent on it and then being completely lost when trying to access accounts from another computer – so make sure account usernames and passwords are written down somewhere safe if they’re ever needed.

• HP CoolSense technology equals a laptop that stays cool whether you’re at a desk or on the sofa. What does that mean for your student? A computer that remains at a comfortable temperature and also – more importantly – that they won’t lose their work! (Anyone who has had a laptop overheat and consequently shutdown before they could save their document knows the horror of which I speak.)

• Chat in HD with the HP TrueVision HD Webcam – We used this to chat with family via Skype. The picture and sound are fantastic even with a TV on in the background and in a room with low lighting. A student could easily use this feature to collaborate with a classmate on a group project.

Next week I’ll go over some other features including Beats Audio and Intel Graphics. (And yes, of course, we’ll open up the giveaway too!)

Stay tuned!

Disclosure: SpanglishBaby received an HP Pavilion dv6 for review to facilitate this post. As always, all opinions are our own.

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