Bean Bag Toss

Objective: to reinforce listening comprehension, color and command recognition, and to encourage fluency.

  • Use colored bean bags or number bean bags.
  • If you do not have bean bags, use colored balls.
  • Set a small basket or bucket in the middle of the circle.
  • Kids all stand up and you tell them “ Escucha-  listen!
  • Explain the command  “ Tira- throw!”
  • If you are reinforcing colors, say ‘ tira azul!. Only kids holding blue will throw the bean bag.
  • Continue this until everyone has a turn.
  • Then have children switch colors.
  • It is fun when they have 2 different colors in their hands so that they really have to listen and identify colors or numbers.

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Jennifer Manriquez is the founder of The Bilingual Fun Co. and mom of 2 bilingual children. As an educator with a Master’s Degree in Bilingual Education and successful mompreneur, she is passionate about teaching Spanish to children and raising an awareness of early language education. Bilingual Fun is a nationally recognized, award winning program that offers classes tips, advice, and resources for learning Spanish.

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