Summer Activity for Kids: Ice Boats Water Play -

Summer fun is here! Even if it’s still cool in your part of the world your little ones can still enjoy this ice boat water play activity without having to place their little hand inside. If it’s hot, then go all out and take out the kiddie pool and let the kids play with their mini ice boats.

If you are like me and you try to squeeze an educational twist to activities you can also have your little ones draw a boat and write about it.

Summer Activity for Kids: Ice Boats Water Play -

The boats will twirl and move around on their own so if they don’t want to get their hands wet they don’t have to. But my kids are very hands-on and they couldn’t keep their hands out of the water.  Either way works.

You will need:

  • Ice tray
  • water
  • food coloring
  • tooth picks
  • paper cut into triangle shapes
  • tape
  • plastic tub

1. Fill your ice trays with water and have your little ones (my 2 yr old helped me with this) drop food coloring in each slot.  Stick in freezer.

2. After an hour, if the water has solidified some then you can insert your sticks.  If the water hasn’t hardened it’s hard to keep the sticks up they just flop over.

3. Once they are completely solidified grab your triangle shaped paper and tape on to the tooth picks.

4. Fill your tub with water and place your cubes inside.

Summer Activity for Kids: Ice Boats Water Play -

Your kids will love watching the water turn colors as the ice melts.

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