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Since I’m in the midst of teaching my preschooler to read Spanish, I was happy to come across a new app from AbiTalk called Spanish Sentence Builder. It goes beyond basic vocabulary and helps young learners piece together grammatically correct sentences in Spanish. This app bridges the gap between more toddler-centered apps and those that are for more advanced or older children.

Spanish Sentence Builder offers two levels, plus the option to self-create lessons. Kids have to drag the mixed-up words into a coherent sentence based on the picture. In each level, the sentences get progressively longer and more complex. From the basic subject + verb, they move to subject+verb+adverb, subject+verb+noun, etc. The app even emphasizes punctuation, because no sentence is marked complete until you drag the period or question mark to the end.


I especially appreciate the fact that the app automatically moves forward once a sentence is completed and doesn’t include confusing instructions. In other words, my son can easily do the whole thing on his own and won’t accidentally click an external link while he’s playing.

This app has both a free version (with one section of sentences available per level) and a paid version, so you can try it out and see if your child likes it as much as mine!

Find Spanish Sentence Builder in iTunes

Available for iPad

Recommended for ages 4-7

Price: FREE (introductory lessons); $3.99 for full version

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